Photo of the Moment

Every now and then I will post a favourite photo of mine and accompany it with a description.

This photo is from the Northern Cyprus side of the only remaining divided capital in the world: Lefkosa/Nicosia. Berlin was the other previously divided capital.

I took the photo in July 2002 when I visited Northern Cyprus with friends Umut and Beysun and cousin Cara. The political history and current situation on Cyprus is very complex involving Britain, the UN, the US, Greece and Turkey as well as the Cypriots from both sides! When I visited we could not cross the border to the south. One day I would like to visit the south and hear their side of the story. Looking across the border from the north, the south looks far more developed and richer.

As well as the politics, there are many cultural, historical and geographical highlights of the island. Cyprus is an extremely fascinating place and well worth the visit. Hopefully, soon the political leaders will stop playing politics and become mature enough to get on with life and let Cyprus become the place it deserves to be. Signs like the one illustrated in the photo will then become a relic of the past.

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