Colombian Night In Adana

The Antakya trip did not happen as expected although it may be on next weekend. The Colombia night did occur, though, and Lady Yohanna and Dafne (a trainee in Gaziantep) put on a great show.

Neither Aylin or I knew where the new AIESEC office was (despite having the address). We eventually found it in Karincalar after receiving telephone instructions.

The evening began with a PowerPoint presentation, then Colombian food followed by dancing. The audience consisted of AIESECers,
hangers-on (like myself) and 6 Erasmus exchange students from the Czech Republic, currently studying at the local Cukurova University. I met with several AIESECers I hadn’t seen for a long time, including Mete and Kadriye.

Dafne and Lady presenting Colombia

Lady and Mete

Lady and Dafne demonstrated the Salsa and other Colombian dance styles. Dafne, in particular, is a brilliant dancer.

Lady, myself, Aylin and Dafne

Pearl Jam, Colombian style

Following the presentation made our way to the old AIESEC trainee haunt of Cazara Nightclub on Ziyapasa
Street. This was the place I spent New Years Eve 2003-4 in.

A special thank you to Mete for that birthday tequila and letting me crash at his place.


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