Cricket, Cricket Laughs And An Ugly Bedroom

Australia strolled to a comfortable victory against India on Sunday. I hadn’t seen any cricket on television since visiting Australia in February. Peter and I enjoyed a few beers as two Aussies do when the cricket’s on the tube.

Still on a cricketing note, Peter was kind enough to lend me (Some of) the 12th Man’s Greatest Hits, a CD by funnyman Billy Birmingham (A.K.A.: The 12th Man). Bill, Max, Richie and Tony have never sounded funnier!

Peter’s son, Michael Can, has one of the most eyesore bedrooms I have ever seen:

Which soccer team does he support?

4 thoughts on “Cricket, Cricket Laughs And An Ugly Bedroom

  1. avea?

    Even as a die-hard GS fan, I hope when he grows up, the situation that GS is in greatly improves. Is Turkey incapable of producing local talent (inherently or due to lack of infrastructure) that we have lowered ourselves to importing the ‘have beens’ of international soccer.

    any ideas? or theories?

  2. From my point of view, infrastracture for football in Turkey is good enough, anyway, much better than in Romania.

    Still, Tukish local teams have had results due to foreigners playing in their teams or foreign coaches.

    You still need foreign players to cultivate and educate young turish footballers to play football with their minds, not only kicking the ball and running after it.

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