Fenerbahce are the Champions

The biggest news story in Turkey on the weekend was Fenerbahce winning the Turkish soccer league when they defeated Denizlispor 4-0 in Denizli on Sunday. Afterwards, in towns and cities across Turkey (including Mersin), the Fenerbahce supporters drove around in their cars waving flags and tooting their horns. The largest crowd was on Bagdat Caddesi (Baghdad Avenue), Istanbul, in Fenerbahce’s heartland.

This championship is more special than the average one because it is Fenerbahce’s 15th meaning they have a 3rd star. Every 5th championship allows a team to display a 5-pointed star above their logo. Now Fenerbahce join Galatasaray with 3 stars. Besiktas have 2 and Trabzonspor 1 star.

Last weekend in Ankara Emre particularly did not want Fenerbahce to win this year as Fener would then joining his team (Galatasaray) with the same number of championship stars.

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