Goodies in the mail!

Thank you Shannon, Eilish and Breandan for the two postcards!

Also, ├žok thanks to Calvin, Susie, Tash, Melissa and Dominic from Devon, UK, for the personalised mug!

I sent Calvin a photo of myself in front of the pyramids at Giza, Egypt. In return I received a fantastic coffee mug with the picture on one side and a message from Calvin and family on the other. If it was flat I would scan it and post it here.

A few weeks ago I received another surprise in the mail – Mum and Dad sent a pepper grinder and salt shaker! The first thing I did was throw out the stale, refined powder stuff they call black pepper here. Fresh pepper is 1,000,000 % better.

At about the same time I recieved the pepper grinder, one of the AIESEC trainees staying at my place opened a drawer in the kitchen. The drawer contained a grater, soup ladel, garlic crush and assorted other utensils. I had not seen them in the 8 months since I arrived back! I had assumed the drawers were empty as the timber had swollen due to moisture and the drawers were very hard to open.

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