Huseyin Abi Is Not Well

Today I walked to Mersin’s public hospital (Devlet Hastanesi) to see Huseyin abi and give him a bunch of flowers. Huseyin abi hurt his back in a fall in Adana. He has been in hospital for 2 weeks and does not know when he will be out.

Huseyin abi is staying in one of 6 beds in his room in the brain surgery section of the hospital. Apparently, the back patients stay in this section. When I received his SMS, I thought he was having brain surgery! His hospital room is okay but the toilets are disgusting for a place that should be hygienic and clean.

I hope Huseying abi gets better soon for his and his family’s sake.

2 thoughts on “Huseyin Abi Is Not Well

  1. Hi Joe, it was really nice of you to visit him. I read last time the sad story of Husseyn shop and thought it was a great – although sad – story : these kinds of posts tell a lot about the life in Turkey, the difficulties to adjust in a fast changing world… If you send him an SMS, please tell him that a crazy woman from Belgium is wishing him a prompt recovery !
    (and wishing also to both of you a pleasant weekend…)

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