Much has occured over the past 5 months or so, both personally and news-wise. I will write more about personal happenings soon. Here are some of the news stories I have bookmarked over his period:

Mersin’s unofficial recyclers are similar to
Cairo’s devoted refuse collectors although they do not collect organic material. A few months ago an official paper and plastic recycling service was instituted in my council area.

Some excavations occuring at Soloi Pompeipolis on the outskirts of Mersin.

Was a Picasso painting found down the coast from Mersin?

An analysis of the Turkish nationalism following the ‘flag‘ incident.

Smuggling rort via Mersin Port.

Ryan Sidney, Mersin’s American basketballer moves to Israel.

Turkey seizes five in ‘bomb plot’: Five men have been arrested in Turkey in connection with a plot to carry out bomb attacks in the Mediterranean resort of Mersin, security forces said.

Mersin’s Port is privatised with Singaporean and Turkish interests paying US$755,000,000 to win the right to operate it.

Bomb kills one in Mersin. I found out about this story via a Herald Sun (Australian) article!

The new lira is taking over.

Mersin wants peace.

Call for Unity at ‘Hand-in-Hand for Mersin’ Meal: Representatives from various political circles, from various religious sects, and from various religions, have come together in Mersin, a city that has been experiencing a high number of riots recently, and delivered the message of “we exist in unity”.

Teachers exiled for teaching evolution theory: Five teachers were exiled in the southeastern city of Mersin for teaching the theory of evolution, which is believed to have shaken the religious beliefs of their students. The city’s governor, who exiled the teachers, had denied reasons behind the move and blamed it on violations of clothing regulations and other irregularities.

Turkey travel advisory warning ‘senseless’
: The Turkish Ambassador to Australia has slammed the Government’s travel advisory warnings, saying they “don’t make sense”.

A tragic accident causing the death of 2 AIESEC Ankara members on the way to a conference. (Article in Turkish).

Cricket is coming to 2 Turkish universities in 2006. (Article in Turkish).

Australia will open a new consulate at Canakkale, near the Gallipoli Peninsula.

Eva Balan, a fellow 2000 UniSA graduate and AIESEC alumni is now the Marketing Manager MSN Southeast Asia, Microsoft Operations Pte Ltd (Singapore).

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  1. Exiled from where? I’m a little unclear on this–the teaching of evolution is illegal in Turkey? Or is this the case of a fundamentalist administrator?

    I thought only my home state of Kansas was outlawing the teaching of evolution.

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