Perth 2009 ANZAC Day March

Here are photos from Perth’s ANZAC Day Parade yesterday, 25 April 2009. These shots were taken from the St Georges Terrace and William Street intersection in the CBD where I watched the march with Bjoern and Ola.




Bagpipe, brass and drum bands were in full throttle with Waltzing Matilda being by far the most popular tune




Some of the elderly veterans were driven around in vehicles 




Dad’s 7 RAR Battalion who fought in Vietnam. This year Dad marched in Adelaide where he had a reunion with old army mates.




The Sikh Community’s section was colourful




The Turkish also had a section. As well as fighting against the ANZACs in Gallipoli, the Turkish also fought on the same side as the Australians in Korea.


Later in the day, I caught up with several of Dad’s close friends and their associates at Rigby’s Bar & Bistro, including Bluey, Johnno, Drabs, Fritch, Batesy. Monty and Van.

2 thoughts on “Perth 2009 ANZAC Day March

  1. Brenda told me that australia people calls the Korean war as the forgotten war. In Korea, we recall the memory of the war on 25th June,the day the war started.
    Turkish people call korea as brother country because they against north korea on the war. (it means north korea is enemy country.) how ridiculous! I’m so sorry that many of korean dont know Australia helped korean during the war. anyway thanks for all the people who gave peace to Korea!

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