Australia versus Turkey: This time in Sport, not war!

At 7:30 pm AEST Friday night (12:30 pm Turkish time) in Sydney, Turkey will play Australia in a soccer international for the first time in many years (did the soldiers play in Gallipoli?). The second and final game will be played in Melbourne on Monday. Although I am not passionate about the contests I am interested for 2 main reasons:

a) The series will probably be the first thing the locals talk to me about for the next 3 months.

b) If Australia wins I can stir the locals 🙂

I hope to display proudly the Australian flag I gave to my boss (if I can find it). I may even gather enough courage to drive a car around the city tooting the horn with the flag fluttering as the locals do whenever their team wins. I wonder how the Turkish would react?

UPDATE: Turkey won 3:1 and were by far the better team. The result was not that important to me anyway as I couldn’t find the Australian flag to show off. If Australia had won and I couldn’t find the flag I would probably be more disappointed 🙂

The decider is at the same time on Monday in Melbourne.

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