Gaziantep Revisited

The weekend before last I visited Gaziantep for the first time in 3 years. Like my two visits in 2001, this trip’s purpose was also to see Ali and his family. I also came to see Rifeh, the Tunisian AIESEC trainee I previously met in Adana.

Some notable events from the time in Gaziantep:

*Seeing a light snowfall, my first snow this winter. Gaziantep is colder than Mersin.

*Visiting some ancient tombs outside of the town with Ali and Rifeh

*Entertaining Ali’s nieces and nephews aged 6 to 10 with different hand movements, clapping and juggling. They are so delightful.

*Meeting the rest of Ali’s generous and kind family

*Eating kebabs, baklava and more kebabs

*Eating breakfast, including homemade sucuk (spicy sausage), homemade jams, home-pickled olives, almost homemade everything…

*Eating more kebabs…

*Visiting and observing Ali’s family’s butcher shop, “Kasap Ali”. I will write a special feature on this shop sometime soon.

Overall, the trip was very successful despite my suffering from a cold. I hope to visit Ali’s family again, particularly during a warmer time of the year.

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