The top Nightspot in Mersin

Last night Ali and Magda came from Adana. I met them at Guzeloglu Tantuni, our usual restaurant. The free Children’s Day Haluk Levent concert organised by the recently re-elected council was cancelled due to rain. The previous few days were overcast and wet. On the way back to my flat to watch the top 80 videos of the 80s on NTV we played a trick on Huseyin abi, a local shopkeeper friend. Ali and Magda went to his shop and pretended they wanted something by speaking in Polish or Spanish

or English and Huseyin abi did not have a clue. He took his glasses off to listen better to Magda! A minute late I burst in and Huseyin abi and I laughed ourselves stupid. I had the tears going I laughed that much!

After some reminiscing in front of the television watching 1980’s music videos from Blondie, Pat Benatar, Boy George and more we made a snap decision to walk to The Hilton Disco. Friday night at the Hilton Disco is probably the most popular regular night in Mersin. This was my first visit in almost 1+1/2 years! It was great to have a couple of hours on the dance floor although the music (house? trance?) was quite monotonous by the end. Sometimes, when I felt my enthusiasm wane on the dancefloor I remembered that I was in a ‘dangerous‘ country and this laugh inspired me on. After 2 am it was time to walk home and get some sleep before work, later this morning.

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