Home Made Muesli Time Again

In Turkey I made my own muesli several times. The joy I got from eating it could not be overstated.




Last Sunday, on a spur of the moment decision at the only grocers open* in the area, Swansea Street Markets of East Victoria Park, I decided to make muesli again.


The above photo is the result of mixing wheat flakes, rice flakes, wheat bran, raisins, currants, slivered almonds, coconut flakes, rolled oats, roasted cashews, linseeds, roasted peanuts, mixed dried fruit, pumpkin seeds and bran together. I didn’t have a suitable container so I placed the ingredients in one bag inside another.


This week I’ve eaten muesli most mornings and nights although it is not as good as the batches I created in Turkey 🙂


*Another difference between Perth and Adelaide is that Perth only has Sunday trading in the city centre and Fremantle.

This Blog Post Is Brought To You By The Number 5, Five, V

5 is the number of fingers on a normal human hand


Five is the number of mainland Australian states


5ive is the name of an extremely bland boy band


V is 5 written in Latin


Five is the number of male cousins I have on Mum’s side of the family




5 is the number of serves of vegetables the Australian Government recommends you eat each day


Five is the number of senses we have: smell, sight, taste, hearing and feeling


5 is the value in cents of the lowest denomination Australian coin


Five is the number of letters in Yield, the name of Pearl Jam’s fifth album


5 is how old my blog became on 20 October 2008. Happy belated 5th birthday to Joe’s Ramblings!

Differences Between Adelaide And Perth

Adelaide has better Iced Coffee; Perth has more construction


Perth has a better transportation system; Adelaide has the Central market


Adelaide is closer to the rest of Australia; Perth is closer to Asia


Northbridge is larger than Hindley Street


Adelaide has the National Wine Centre; Perth has more mining company



Perth has a greater population; Adelaide has the best footy team


Adelaide CBD is ringed by parklands; Perth has Kings Park


Perth has biltong; Adelaide has Coopers Beer


However, all of the above differences pale in comparison with the following contrast:

Adelaide has yiros; Perth has kebab

Kings Park Flowers (Part 4 of 4): Assorted

The final blog post of Australian native flower photos I snapped at Perth’s Kings Park last night and this morning.




A Banksia. As a child the Banksia was my favourite flower and I still love them today. Currently, Kings Park’s bushland has very few flowering Banksias. I look forward to seeing them in full bloom during their 2009 flowering season.




A wildflower




Intensely yellow Wattle flowers




A close-up shot of a beautiful purple flower showing the fronds surrounding the three main petals



For my other Kings Park flower photos, visit Parts 1, 2 and 3

Kings Park Flowers (Part 2 of 4): Kangaroo Paw


Kangaroo Paws have a striking flower with red stems and green petals instead of the far more common green stems and red flowers. They are endemic only to the south west of Western Australia.




This Kangaroo Paw stem has several dead blooms (the lower ones), two flowering blossoms (with fronds) and three unopened buds (at the top). Out of focus in the photo’s left central background are a bunch of other Kangaroo Paws. 




Several Kangaroo Paws together




More beautiful Kangaroo Paws for your buck…




A younger Kangaroo Paw bloom

Kings Park Flowers (Part 1 of 4): Xanthorrhoea


Kings Park, to the south west of Perth’s CBD, is one of the world’s largest inner city parks. The park area contains picnic areas, memorials, a tennis club, cafes, reservoirs and remnant bushland. Most of my time in Kings Park has been spent on the paths in this bushland photographing flowers whilst they are still novel to me as a recently transplanted South Australian.


The Xanthorrhoea, also know as yakka, grasstree or blackboy, is a perennial Australian native plant often featuring a spike from which its flowers grow. The spike is usually straight but can vary in shape.




A young Xanthorrhoea spike posing a question in its pre-flowering stage




A straighter spike, also yet to flower




Bees extracting nectar from a flowering Xanthorrhoea spike




A close-up photo of a fly on the white Xanthorrhoea blossom

Perth, Western Australia, My New Home




I arrived to Perth yesterday afternoon. The 3+ hour QANTAS flight from Adelaide went well except for the bumpy landing and 20 minute wait for an empty bay at Perth Airport. Sat behind me on the plane were Adelaide Crow life member Nathan Bassett, his partner and baby.




The most luggage I’ve ever travelled with. QANTAS were very good to only charge AUD$22 in extra baggage fees. In comparison, the $4 cart fee at Perth’s Domestic Airport Terminal was an horrendous rip-off.


I’ve already found a house to share. From the 25th I will live in East Victoria Park, close to Curtin University.


This morning I ran through glorious Kings Park and along the Swan River shore into the city. Kings Park’s highlights included Kangaroo Paw, Banksia and Xanthorrhoea plants and flowers along with Australian Ringneck Parrots and Red Wattlebirds.