A reaction to the Madrid attacks?

Yesterday afternoon I met a friend, Betül, for the first time in Adana. She was an AIESEC trainee in Malaysia and we originally got in contact last year through the Lonely Planet Thorn Tree. Betül comes from Adana but studied university in Ankara. It was fantastic to finally meet her.

As usual, I caught the train to Adana. The walk from my house to the Mersin Train station took 30 minutes of power walking across town. The election posters and banners were everywhere. I wonder how many trees have died because of the 2004 Turkish local government elections?

The gidiş-dönüş (return) ticket to Adana cost 3,000,000 TL. I think the seller gave me a student ticket even though I did not ask for one. Before the crowded train left (I was standing from Mersin to Tarsus) a security guard walked through the carriages with what looked like a metal or explosives detector. He did not pass it by anybody but just walked past. I guess he was looking for large bags that may have contained bomb equipment. Another security guard stood outside. These were the first security guards I had witnessed in the many times I have caught the Mersin-Adana train. I wonder if the security guards were a reaction to the train attacks in Madrid?

On the train journey back to Mersin there were no such security guards in evidence.

I am very happy to say that Adriana, my friend in Madrid, and her husband and friends are all safe and well. Condolences to all people who did lose relatives or friends.

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